December 15, 2011

Beefsteak Brela

Beefsteak BrelaBeefsteak Brela

A very well-known specialty of the tavern Galinac is beefsteak Brela.
We are provided with fresh beef meat every day, which is first cut , easily pounded to equal thickness and then the meat is seasoned with salt and pepper and soaked. The beefsteak has to be soaked for at least two days.
A serving of beefsteak is 250 g.

When prepared, beefsteak is stuffed with four different kinds of cheese and ham which has previously been broiled on a grill.
It is recommended that the beefsteak is medium done.
Good embers are necessary in order for the beefsteak to be properly done.
Along with the beefsteak Brela we serve fresh cooked vegetables with butter and a sauce of fresh mushrooms.
Besides the beefsteak Brela we also offer about a dozen other kinds of beefsteak with different sauces and side dishes.


  • beefsteak
  • four kinds of cheese
  • salt
  • pepper
  • some ham

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