At Stipe

A welcoming pateA welcoming pate

A welcoming pate

Every guest who comes to the tavern Galinac is offered a welcoming pate,which we serve with broiled bread topped with olive oil and garlic.

Fish soupFish soup

Fish soup

From daily fresh fish we make a fish broth by cleaning ,washing and cutting the fish into larger pieces.
We put carrots, garlic,onions,tomatoes, parsley root and leaves, salt, pepper and olive oil into cold water.

Arugula and shrimp saladArugula and shrimp salad

Arugula and shrimp salad

An arugula and shrimp salad is always a welcome starter before the main fish dish.
We prepare it by washing the arugula first,draining it and serving it as a base on which we add the shrimps previously fried in a pan.

Beefsteak BrelaBeefsteak Brela

Beefsteak Brela

A very well-known specialty of the tavern Galinac is beefsteak Brela.
We are provided with fresh beef meat every day, which is first cut , easily pounded to equal thickness and then the meat is seasoned with salt and pepper and soaked.

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